Remote Monitoring for Urban Demolition


CTLGroup was approached by a prominent higher education institution in Chicago that was demolishing several existing structures in order to construct a new mid-rise academic building. The project was taking place adjacent to an approximately 90-year-old residential structure in a dense urban setting, and the adjacent property owner was concerned about possible demolition and construction impacts to his residence. The institution retained CTLGroup to help manage risks during the process.

The original scope of work consisted of two tasks: preconstruction survey and documentation of the adjacent residence and a ground vibration monitoring program. Remotely-readable vibration monitoring units were deployed in the neighboring residence as well as in an institution-owned property. The scope of work later expanded to include structural monitoring of an unreinforced masonry wall shared by the adjacent residence and an institution-owned building to be demolished and replaced by the mid-rise structure.

CTLGroup deployed a multi-point settlement monitoring system to evaluate possible settlement or heave during foundation construction. This automated differential settlement monitoring system was also linked to absolute settlement/heave (i.e., with respect to the local elevation datum) through periodic conventional surveys of the reference sensor.


Project Completed
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