Adjacent Construction Risk Management

In dense urban environments and other sensitive areas, new construction, demolition, redevelopment and related activities carry a risk of unintended effects on neighboring structures and facilities. Building on strong backgrounds in soil/structure interaction, dynamics, forensic engineering, and monitoring, CTLGroup Adjacent Construction Risk Management experts help our clients reduce the likelihood and severity of such side effects.

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Common Concerns

Some common concerns related to construction and related activities adjacent to existing facilities, and related services offered by CTLGroup include:

  • Vibration– consulting and field monitoring to evaluate ground-borne and structural vibrations and their effects.
  • Cracking – pre-construction surveys to catalog existing cracks, and quasi-static and dynamic monitoring of crack response to construction and other activities and environmental effects.
  • Movement– settlement and rotation of super- or substructure elements due to changes in support condition
  • New or different load patterns– adjacent activities can influence magnitude and distribution of loads on a structure, requiring in-depth evaluation.

CTLGroup has been retained by owners, designers, contractors, and other parties on both sides of the property line. As independent experts, CTLGroup engineers are well-equipped to help avoid losses or disputes related to adjacent construction as well as provide expert testimony when cases do go to litigation.

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