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We are an internationally recognized engineering, architecture, and materials science consulting and testing firm.

We Provide Integrated Solutions for Technical Challenges

Throughout the life-cycle of structures and infrastructure, CTLGroup experts evaluate the cause of problems, implement strategies to manage performance, and develop integrated solutions to resolve technical challenges. We have helped clients mitigate risk, avoid loss, and extend the service-life of assets.

Our breadth of expertise in materials and structures allows our team to address clients’ needs in a comprehensive fashion. CTLGroup’s consultants are complemented by one of the largest, most extensive private materials and structural laboratories in the world.

  • Identify Problems
  • Avoid Issues
  • Find Resolution

CTLGroup provides pragmatic and sustainable solutions throughout the life-cycle of structures and infrastructure.

We Assembled & Maintain a Robust Quality Management System

Our dynamic Quality Management System (QMS) processes provide the framework for monitoring, measuring, and improving everything we do. Because of this, we have been able to attain AASHTO and ISO 17025 accreditations, ISO 9001 certification, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers validated lab status, and a QMS that meets the requirements of 10 CFR 50, Appendix B and NQA-1. Based on our outstanding credentials, we are also one of Best’s Recommended Expert Service Providers for our engineering services within the insurance industry.

Our Testing & Research Laboratories are Internationally Recognized

Materials Laboratory

Our materials lab offers comprehensive testing of concrete and cement-based materials and constituents, including determination of physical properties and analytical chemistry. We also evaluate polymer-based and metallic materials.

Field Testing & Evaluation Capabilities

At CTLGroup we take our laboratories outside, offering an array of field testing, non-destructive evaluation, and instrumentation and monitoring capabilities.

Microscopy / Petrography Laboratory

We have one of the largest and most respected microscopy and concrete petrography departments in the world providing extensive experience related to critical and complicated petrographic needs.

Structural & Transportation Laboratory

Our structural and transportation laboratory competes in scale and scope with academic research laboratories. We perform static and dynamic testing on rail, industrial, and bridge structural components and systems.

CTLGroup Has Received Many Awards for Engineering and Scientific Contributions

Our experts have been acknowledged for their leadership in the development of nationally recognized tests and standards for construction and building materials and for raising the standards of the engineering profession for building and infrastructure construction.

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