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Our consultants are a collective of seasoned professionals with deep expertise. From concrete mixture design consulting to forensic structural investigations, we provide comprehensive support throughout the project lifecycle.

Building Science

Building Science combines the principles of engineering, architecture, and construction to optimize the performance, energy efficiency, and sustainability of buildings. Through commissioning and performance verification of the building envelope, building performance, mechanical systems, and building codes and standards, CTLGroup’s Building Science consultants help create high-performing and environmentally conscious buildings.

Concrete + Cement-Based Materials

CTLGroup provides specialized expertise, technical guidance, and problem-solving to ensure the successful implementation of concrete projects. Our consultants work closely with clients, engineers, and contractors on material selection, concrete mix design, and developing new high-performance concretes, such as green concrete, fiber-reinforced concrete, self-consolidating concrete, and ultra-high performance concrete (UHPC). Whether your structures are cast-in-place or precast concrete, CTLGroup’s experts can add value throughout any phase of the project.

Materials Science + Engineering

Material Science Engineers play a critical role in advancing our understanding of materials and their properties. CTLGroup’s engineers contribute to technological advancements and the development of efficient, sustainable, and high-performance building materials. CTLGroup’s consultants analyze factors such as material fatigue, fracture, corrosion, and environmental degradation to improve material durability and reliability. Our building materials testing services are fully integrated with our building materials consulting services.

Structural Engineering + Evaluation

Structural Engineering and Evaluation is critical to the design, construction, and maintenance of safe and efficient structures. Our process of evaluation includes structural analysis, structural design, load evaluation, structural testing, structural monitoring, risk assessment, and risk mitigation. Our expertise ensures that buildings and infrastructures can withstand anticipated loads, meet regulatory requirements, and provide a safe environment for occupants.