Our Start

    CTLGroup originated over a century ago as the cement and concrete technology research and development arm of the Portland Cement Association (PCA) in 1916. Our original role was focused on developing the then-fledgling U.S. cement industry.

    How We’ve Grown

    In some ways we’ve changed over the past century, and in many others we have not. We are still the concrete industry’s thought leaders and problem solvers. But evermore, we are a multi-disciplined team of engineers, architects, scientists, and consultants.  We continue to evolve and seek new solutions as the world around us changes. and our clients face new challenges.


    Years in Business



    Our Beginning

    CTLGroup originated a century ago as the cement and concrete technology Research and Development Laboratories of Portland Cement Association (PCA) in 1916.


    CTLGroup begins providing consulting services

    In the 1960s, present-day CTLGroup began providing consulting services for applied research projects, continuing to expand its engineering consulting services through the 1980s.


    Reducing Concrete’s Carbon Footprint

    CTLGroup begins the first of decades of research and project work on using fly ash and other supplementary cementitious materials in concrete. This work is now gaining even more momentum due to its potential for reducing the carbon footprint of concrete.


    Lunar Soil

    CTLGroup gains national attention when NASA provides one of the largest samples of lunar soil it has allocated for investigative research. Test results verify that lunar material is an excellent aggregate for making concrete.


    Branching Out

    CTLGroup, which began as the research and development arm of the Portland Cement Association (PCA), starts serving outside clients as an independent PCA subsidiary. The firm expands its scope of service beyond concrete and modifies a structures lab to incorporate the testing of steel structures, which includes rail and rail rolling stock components.


    Lincoln Memorial and Jefferson Memorial

    CTLGroup performs an evaluation of deterioration in monument structures which included the Lincoln Memorial and Jefferson Memorial in Washington, D.C.  


    Chicago Public Library

    The goal of CTLGroup’s first project in sustainability is to determine the embodied energy of concrete and steel. This project takes place before ISO standards for life cycle inventory (LCI) and life cycle assessment (LCA) are established.


    Oklahoma City Bombing

    Senior Vice President Dr. W. Gene Corley headed the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) investigation of the bombing and structural response which caused the collapse of the Murrah Federal Building.


    Vietnam Veterans Memorial

    The Washington, D.C. National Park Service requested CTLGroup to investigate and determine the causes of granite panel cracking.


    Nondestructive Testing (NDT)

    CTLGroup leads the industry with services that include almost all aspects and methods of concrete NDT. We began in 1997, when NDT expert Allen Davis led the development and promotion of the Impulse Response (IR) technique. Today, CTLGroup offers full services in concrete NDT, and remains at the forefront utilizing the latest technologies.


    Branch Davidian Trial

    Senior Vice President Dr. W. Gene Corley worked with the U.S. Justice Dept. to counter claims by the Branch Davidians that the FBI used unreasonable force and trapped people in the building during the Waco, TX showdown. Corley’s team’s investigation of the building proved that this was false.


    Safeco Field

    CTLGroup performed a long term performance monitoring of the retractable roof viscous-damper system movement at Safeco Field in Seattle, WA.


    The World Trade Center Collapse

    Senior Vice President Dr. W. Gene Corley oversees the initial report to FEMA and testifies in front of Congressional Committee. His team finds that lack of fire-proofing of the building led to much of the severity of the destruction. Recommendations on structural fireproofing arising from Corley’s report are gradually implemented throughout the industry.


    Unity Temple Restoration

    CTLGroup proudly completes an award-winning design-build concrete restoration project for a historic Frank Lloyd Wright landmark located in Oak Park, Illinois, a western suburb of Chicago.


    Big Dig Tunnel Collapse

    CTLGroup is involved in the analysis and determination of the cause of the collapse in the ceiling in Boston, MA.


    Standard Reference Material Contributions

    CTLGroup completes its most recent set of Standard Reference Materials (SRMs) for the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST, formerly the U.S. National Bureau of Standards). For 40 years, CTLGroup has been involved with the selection, packaging and certifying of SRMs used throughout the world, including some of the biggest selling at NIST.


    Burj Khalifa

    Using its world-class laboratory, CTLGroup conducted creep and shrinkage testing for the structural analysis of the building. Additional consulting services included construction materials optimization, construction methods consulting and construction process review, and specialized concrete mixture development.


    I-35W Investigation and Expert Report

    CTLGroup completed its role providing expert opinion as to the cause of the collapse of the I-35W Mississippi River Bridge in Minneapolis, MN.


    CTLGroup Celebrates the Life of Dr. W. Gene Corley

    CTLGroup celebrates the life and professional achievements of Dr. W. Gene Corley who passed away at age 77. Gene was a life-long member of the PCA/CTLGroup organization. He was one of the world’s experts on structures damaged by natural and manmade disasters.


    Wilshire Grand Tower Foundation

    Dubbed “The Grand Pour” the Wilshire Grand Tower was the site of the world’s largest continuous concrete placement. CTLGroup engineered a cooling pipe system that internally cooled the foundation.


    Jet Propulsion Laboratory Deep Space Antenna

    CTLGroup performed a comprehensive field investigation and installed a structural health monitoring system for the Deep Space Network 34-Meter Antenna, DSS-54, located at the Madrid Deep Space Communications Complex near Madrid, Spain.


    Celebrating 100 Years

    CTLGroup’s legacy began in 1916 as the R&D labs of the Portland Cement Association (PCA). We were proud to be celebrating this important milestone with PCA.


    CTLGroup is Acquired

    CTLGroup is acquired by Barco Investment Group.


    CTLGroup’s Website Launch

    CTLGroup launches a brand new and interactive website.


    New York City Office

    To meet the service demands of our clients in the New York City metropolitan area, CTLGroup expands with a new office. This team primarily supports the property asset management needs of public and private building owners.


    Frank Lloyd Wright Unity Temple UNESCO World Heritage Site Plaque Unveiling

    As part of CTLGroup’s continued support of the Frank Lloyd Wright Unity Temple in Oak Park, IL, CTLGroup was proud to sponsor the building’s UNESCO World Heritage Site plaque unveiling.

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