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Product fabrication is demanding; timely output, precision to detail and quality control of products are necessary components of any manufacturing procedure. Manufacturing clients come to CTLGroup to evaluate equipment failures, processing abnormalities or product defects. Our clients have been involved with a range of commodities including; metals, construction products, and chemicals.

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Nearly 75 million tons of fly ash is produced in the U.S. annually and the CTLGroup lab has been testing fly ash for use in concrete for over 50 years.

Our Experience

Our staff have worked with structural processing problems (for equipment or end products), materials related defects (formed during the manufacturing process) or contamination defects.  Our staff has been called at a moment’s notice to investigate damage due to processing catastrophes, allowing plant operations to be re-started in as soon-as possible scenarios.  Our staff has identified contaminate sources causing product discoloration or compositional inhomogeneities.

CTLGroup has a team of engineers, chemists, geologists and scientists ready to examine manufacturing challenges. Our multidisciplinary approach to these issues has proven to be useful to quickly coming to an answer for our clients.


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