Energy & Resources

Due to the continuous advances in technology, old and new energy, as well as the development of natural resources, are providing promising alternatives. At CTLGroup, we are developing these promises into reality by generating smart solutions as part of our power plant structural engineering services. We provide consulting, materials, and equipment testing across all sectors of the energy & resources industry.

The various sectors of the Energy & Resources industry are challenged with a diverse set of needs, but each find value in CTLGroup’s approach, including:

  • Design review & evaluation of structures for extreme environments (including containment & blast resistance)
  •  Condition assessment of existing facilities using the latest NDT technologies
  • Development of procedures for special construction operations (e.g., mass concrete placement)
  • Laboratory & field evaluation of facility components
  • Materials characterization & testing
  • Peer review

Service Highlights:

  • Structural engineering investigation, analysis, and evaluation
  • Structural repair design and rehabilitation programs
  • Structural health monitoring
  • Failure investigation
  • Materials consulting and evaluation
  • Petrographic and microscopic evaluation services
  • Materials testing
  • Nondestructive testing/evaluation
  • Condition assessment
  • Load testing
  • Vibration assessment
  • Special concrete mixture formulation
  • Life cycle assessment
  • State-of-the-art measurement technology
  • Chemical evaluation services

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