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CTLGroup has been assisting Gas, Oil & Petrochemical industry clients to manage their critical infrastructure assets for decades.  We provide:

  • In-depth condition assessment data
  • Failure and damage assessment investigations
  • Structural integrity evaluations to mitigate immediate safety concerns
  • Materials consulting services
  • Cost-saving repair/rehabilitation strategies
  • Construction oversight and expertise

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The concrete ring walls supporting the API 650 petroleum tanks that were restored for a major refiner of gasoline following CTLGroup’s investigations and repair designs hold over 179,000 barrels of product.

We Provide Clients with Complete Solutions

Whether it be developing/implementing strategies for extending service life for an existing infrastructure asset or developing and building new, more sustainable infrastructure, CTLGroup possesses the expertise and resources to provide their clients with complete solutions. CTLGroup  helps their clients by providing reliable information about the current condition of an asset, or by finding a timely solution or path forward in response to certain untimely, unanticipated events such as structural failures or fires, which often result in costly shutdowns. Whatever the circumstance may be, CTLGroup provides Gas, Oil, and Petrochemical industry clients with reliable data and information necessary for making technically- and economically-sound and asset management decisions.

In the past, many Owners have made important decisions related to the disposition of an asset based primarily on consideration of age or overall appearance. However, making important management decisions based on limited, incomplete or inaccurate information can result in a waste of precious time and monetary resources. Gas, Oil and Petrochemical industry projects often create unique challenges related to access limitations, safety and timing. Specialized or innovative approaches are often needed to provide timely and reliable assessments of condition, deterioration mechanisms and deterioration rates. Drawing upon experience gained from successful execution of hundreds of projects, CTLGroup’s engineers and scientists are well versed in handling such challenges, and possess the expertise and resources needed to solve complex problems and help their clients successfully manage their Gas, Oil and Petrochemical infrastructure assets.


  • Infrastructure Asset Management
  • Disaster/Accident Response
  • Construction Material Evaluation and Optimization
  • Structural Repair Design and Consulting
  • Construction or Repair Execution Oversight





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