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It is well known that there is a relationship between transportation investments and the economic performance of a community. Continued investments in the world’s transportation systems is a key ingredient to sustain productivity and our quality of life.  As a pioneering contributor to some of the first paved roads in the U.S. over 100 years ago, CTLGroup has helped to develop many of the tests and procedures that help ensure that the requirements of DOT quality control programs are met.  As an AASHTO-accredited laboratory, CTLGroup produces test results that are accepted by Departments of Transportation and recognized throughout the industry as meeting the highest quality standards. CTLGroup provides expert insight and examination of all cementitious materials, pozzolans, aggregates, chemical admixtures, and other construction materials.

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In the past decade, 18 of ENR’s top 20 transportation contractors have retained CTLGroup to provide cost-effective solutions.

Service Highlights

CTLGroup engineers and scientists provide their engineering and materials knowledge to not only roadways, but to other facets of the transportation industry including  bridges, tunnels, ports, wharves, and airport runways.

In addition to helping maintain our existing infrastructure  investments, CTLGroup engineers are on the forefront of new and expanded capital programs, working with engineers, developers and contractors to optimize resources and to implement strategies that extend service life while building a more sustainable transportation system.  Our professional services include:

  • Concrete Mixture Development
  • Mass Concrete Consulting & Thermal Control Plan Development
  • Pre-Construction Support, Specification Development, Construction Troubleshooting
  • Construction Material Analyses, Testing, and Evaluations
  • Failure Root-Cause Determinations
  • Non-Destructive Testing and Assessments
  • Condition and Damage Investigations
  • STADIUM® Service Life Modeling and Testing
  • Litigation Support






“We see the trend in alternative project delivery continuing to accelerate, and our involvement earlier in the project development can be beneficial for all parties, including the owner.”

Benjamin F. Birch, P.E.

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