Roundout – West Branch Bypass Tunnel


CTLGroup was retained to provide technical consulting services related to estimation of atmospheric corrosion for steel interliner pipes to be stored for the Rondout West Branch Bypass Tunnel, which would require approximately 9,200 lineal feet of pipes. The pipes, upon arriving at the storage area would remain in an unsheltered environment until needed at the job site.

CTLGroup estimated steel corrosion using ISO methods, assuming that the interliner pipe sections were to be stored in an unprotected outdoor environment, for a period of five years, provide recommendations on prudent storage techniques, and provide feedback on potential protective coatings and to recommend an inspection program to monitor actual corrosion behavior, which would be compared with the expected estimations

CTLGroup provided an atmospheric steel corrosion estimates and recommended monitoring the corrosion behavior of both the steel plates and fabricated interliner pipe sections to allow for more accurate determination of corrosion rate.


Year of Completion


Required Lineal Feet of Pipes
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