GIWW Bypass Barge Gate Keel Slab


The GIWW Bypass barge is a part of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers upgraded flood control infrastructure for New Orleans, Louisiana. The barge approximately 200 feet long by 60 feet wide and is constructed of lightweight concrete. When a flood event occurs the barge is moved into the channel and sunk to create a flood barrier. At the end of the flood event the barge is pumped out and pulled out of the channel to reopen the channel for shipping.

CTLGroup was retained by the prime contractor, Shaw Environmental & Infrastructure Group, to locate areas of poor concrete consolidation on the bottom of the barge. CTLGroup performed Impulse Response and Impact- Echo testing on the underside and topside of the barge keel slab. Areas of poorly consolidated concrete, unsound repairs, and variations in the lightweight concrete properties were located. The poorly consolidated concrete and unsound repairs areas were removed and replaced and the variations in lightweight concrete properties were evaluated through compressive strength testing and petrography. Based on our nondestructive testing and laboratory work conclusions regarding the long term durability of the barge were developed.


Project Completion

1.8 Mi


45 Ft

Gate Height
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