Tanks & Reservoirs

Meeting the Challenges Associated With Containment and Storage

Water and wastewater systems require provisions for three major stages; namely, procurement or reclamation, treatment or purification, and distribution or discharge. Containment or storage of the water or wastewater is often necessary at various stages, and requires the use of tanks, reservoirs, basins or other holding structures. Maintaining integrity of these structures is important to prevent or minimize leakage (exfiltration) or seepage (infiltration) that can result in significant loss or contamination. Hence, performing timely assessments and repairs (when needed) for these structures constitute an important aspect of an overall asset management program.

CTLGroup’s engineers and scientists have a strong background related to evaluation and repair of water and wastewater storage structures. Such structures often require specialized or innovative approaches to assess condition, evaluate causation, and develop repair methodologies. Making important management decisions based on limited or incomplete information can result in a waste of precious resources, and often negates the opportunity to learn, optimize rehabilitation strategies and improve future designs. CTLGroup possesses the expertise and resources needed to solve problems related to these structures and provide lasting solutions.

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