Treatment Plants

Treating and Recycling Our Most Precious Resource

Only approximately 0.3% of the world’s water is fresh and in a liquid state. Hence, fresh water is not as abundant as one might think. Water and wastewater must be treated to meet applicable regulations before being distributed for human consumption or returned to the environment from which it came. Functional treatment plants are critical and essential in order for us to be able to make the most of our available water resources.

Maintaining treatment plant infrastructure can be a challenge since these facilities are often exposed to harsh chemicals and environments that promote deterioration. Additionally, these facilities often must operate 24-7 during periods of peak demand, thus limiting time available for maintenance, repair or rehabilitation.  has assisted numerous municipalities, sanitary districts and other private entities with managing their treatment plant infrastructure for several decades. Hence, we understand and can accommodate the unique circumstances associated with providing services in a treatment plant environment. CTLGroup also has the expertise and resources to 1) reliably assess condition, extent of deterioration, and deterioration mechanisms (causation), and 2) provide timely and technically-sound solutions for remedial measures.

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