Pumping Stations

Essential for Managing Flow of Water & Wastewater

Pumping stations are a critical component of water & wastewater infrastructure. Pumping stations are necessary for transporting water & wastewater from one point to another, either for the purpose of supply, treatment, drainage or removal. CTLGroup’s experience with pumping station includes providing consulting services during construction and evaluation services throughout service life.

Like other water & wastewater infrastructure, pumping stations are often exposed to harsh environments that will promote rapid deterioration if not properly managed. In addition, pumping stations are often required to be operated continuously during periods of high demand. Hence, it is imperative that they remain serviceable throughout the anticipated life cycle since prolonged periods of inoperability are often intolerable. Our experts are equipped to handle problems related to structural, material or hydraulic issues, whether related existing aging/historic structures, or new high-profile structures such as the world’s largest drainage pumping station.

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