Concrete Pavements: Full-Depth Repairs

June 04, 2020

An Effective Pavement Preservation Strategy — When Conducted Properly

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Complimentary webinar for contractors, engineers, owners, construction attorneys, and related professionals

June 4, 2020 1:00 PM Central Time.

Continuing education credit offered for engineers (1.0 PDH)

This webinar explores strategies for enhancing the effectiveness, and thus the value to owners, of full-depth repairs of concrete pavements. Full-depth repairs are a common pavement renewal preservation strategy employed by state agencies, municipalities, and other owners to address defects at joints and cracks. Proper planning and methods are critical to prevent premature failure and otherwise ensure long-term durability of the repair.

At the conclusion of this webinar, participants will be able to:

1. Describe commonly observed pavement degradation mechanisms.
2. Identify feasible pavement candidates for full-depth repairs.
3. Understand the proper techniques for conducting full-depth repairs.
4. Discuss what types of issues can arise if good construction techniques and precautions are not followed during repair execution.

Live Webinar Speakers
Timothy Martin, P.E.
Tim MartinTim has over 25 years of experience in the performance, repair, and preservation of pavement structures. He has conducted hundreds of pavement condition assessments for pavements at municipalities, state DOTs, FHWA, DoD, and FAA. He has led failure investigations of concrete pavements, which have including NDT and laboratory testing of construction materials, design, and loadings. Tim has been an active member of the American Concrete Institute Committee 325 and 330 as well as the American Concrete Pavement Association’s Strategic Advisory Committee and Asset Management Task Force.

Laura Powers
Laura PowersLaura has over 30 years of experience in evaluation construction and geological materials using polarized-light microscopy, scanning electron microscopy with x-ray spectroscopy, electron probe microanalysis, x-ray fluorescence & diffraction, and other investigative methods. She has conducted numerous field and laboratory investigations of materials behavior and condition, and has provided expert testimony in numerous litigation cases. Her principal focus lies in assessing the performance of existing, historic, and new construction through detailed analysis of compositional and microstructural characteristics.

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