Keeysak Generating Station

CTLGroup was commissioned by BBE Hydro Constructors to provide material engineering and consulting services during the building/ development of the hydroelectric station. Specific services included specification review and modifications, mass concrete consulting, development of concrete mixtures, and troubleshooting of concrete production and placement throughout the entirety of the project. CTLGroup’s scope also involved extensive testing to support engineering and consulting efforts, and to demonstrate compliance with the contract.

After the initial site visit, CTLGroup’s team participated in meetings with the project team to develop a thermal control plan and methods of thermal analyses for the project mass concrete placements. Our firm also provided a preliminary analysis of the spillway structure’s 1.5 m-thick lifts and evaluate the concept of placing fewer, but thicker lifts to result in more efficient construction.


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Concrete Construction Troubleshooting

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Durability & Service Life Testing

Physical Testing of Concrete + Mortar

Specialized Testing

The Keeyask Generating Station will be ably to supply enough electricity to power 400,000 homes at project completion in 2021. This new source of electricity is needed to maintain a reliable supply to the consumers.


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