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Concrete Mixture Development & Qualification

Modern concretes are complex, consisting of various constituent materials that must be carefully balanced to achieve problem-free performance in all phases of a construction project. Whether you need a low-temperature rise concrete mixture for your mass concrete placement, self-consolidating concrete for your precast operation, high-performance concrete with superior durability performance for your infrastructure project, or any other concrete mixture with specific performance requirements, we are your experts of choice.

CTLGroup has extensive experience with concrete mixture development, optimization, and troubleshooting in virtually all areas of construction. Our state-of-the-art concrete laboratory allow us to perform a complete mixture development program in-house or in collaboration with the concrete producer so that your project can stay on schedule. We are knowledgeable about all types of concrete mixtures, including specialized products such as ultra-high performance concrete, high-early strength mixtures, fiber reinforced concrete, controlled-low strength materials, and alternative binders such as natural pozzolans and alkali-activated materials.

We can help you develop proportions of a new concrete mixture, and are also capable of pre-qualifying your concrete mixtures to show conformance with project specifications in our AASHTO- and ASTM CCRL-certified laboratories. If your concrete mixture falls short of the required performance, we can guide you through troubleshooting and optimization to make sure your project can proceed.

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