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Jan Vosahlik, Ph.D., Has Been Selected As an ACI Young Professional For The 2019 Emerging Leaders Alliance Program

July 23, 2019

Jan Vosahlik, Ph.D., Has Been Selected As an ACI Young Professional For The 2019 Emerging Leaders Alliance Program

SKOKIE, IL (July 23, 2019) – CTLGroup’s Jan Vosahlik, Ph.D. has been selected as one of eight young professionals from the American Concrete Institute (ACI) to represent ACI during the Emerging Leaders Alliance (ELA) conference in Falls Church, Virginia, November 3 to November 6.

The Emerging Leaders Alliance (ELA) is a partnership that provides high quality leadership training among leading engineering and science-based organizations. The ELA has successfully hosted the interdisciplinary leadership conference for young professionals over the past 10 years providing advanced training in topics such as personal branding, social styles, management, presentation skills, global diversity, and problem solving.

In order to apply as an ACI young professional, applicants must have less than eight years of industry experience, answer essay questions related to leadership, submit a project resume, and submit a letter of nomination from an ACI Member. A task group appointed by the ACI Membership Committee reviewed the applications and selected the winners.

Dr. Vosahlik specializes in the development, characterization, and evaluation of concrete mixtures, with experience in conventional, self-consolidating, high-performance, and other specialty concretes. He is an expert in rheology of cement-based materials, fresh concrete properties optimization and troubleshooting, as well as concrete pumpability. His technical work includes characterization of concrete air void system and assessment of freeze-thaw durability, implementation of new technology in concrete mixtures, and additive manufacturing with cement-based materials.

At CTLGroup, Dr. Vosahlik’s focuses is on concrete mixture design, development and troubleshooting of concrete mixtures, solving construction-related issues, deployment of new products in the construction industry, and research & development. Dr. Vosahlik is a member of the ACI Illinois chapter and an active participant on the Convention Planning Committee.

For more information on ACI Younf Professionals and the Emerging Leaders Alliance (ELA) conference, please visit the ACI website at:

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