Jan Vosahlik, Ph.D.



  • Concrete + Cement-Based Materials


Jan specializes in the development, characterization, and evaluation of concrete mixtures, with focus on conventional, self-consolidating, high-performance, and other specialty concretes. He is an expert in rheology of cement-based materials, fresh concrete properties optimization and troubleshooting, and concrete pumpability. His technical work includes characterization of concrete air void system and assessment of freeze-thaw durability, implementation of new technologies in concrete mixture design, and use of novel test methods and characterization technique of construction materials. At CTLGroup, Jan’s main focus is on design, development and troubleshooting of concrete mixtures, solving construction-related issues, deployment of new products in the construction industry, and research & development.

Prior to joining CTLGroup, Jan was a research assistant at Kansas State University. While there, he conducted research projects focused on improving construction practices and durability of local infrastructure.


Ph.D. in Civil Engineering, Kansas State University, 2018

M.S. in Civil Engineering, Kansas State University, 2014

B.S. in Structural and Transportation Engineering, Czech Technical University in Prague, 2012


  • American Ceramic Society
    • Cements Division
  • American Concrete Institute

Featured Publications

Riding K. A., Vosahlik J., Feys. D. Use of Nanoclay Particles in Concrete for Pumping Applications. Supplementary Papers, Superplasticizers and Other Chemical Admixtures in Concrete, Beijing, China, 2018.

Vosahlik J., Riding K. A., Feys D., Lindquist W., Keller L., and Van Zetten S. Concrete Pumping and its Effect on the Air Void System. Materials and Structures. 2018.

Riding K. A., Vosahlik J., Bartojay K., Lucero C., Sedaghat A., Zayed A., and Ferraro C. Methodology Comparison for Concrete Adiabatic Temperature Rise. ACI Materials Journal. 2018. [Accepted for Publication].