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Color Determination by Spectrophotometer

CTLGroup color specialists utilize the most sophisticated tools in the industry, including our Sphere Spectrophotometer, for precise and accurate color measurement. We can perform the specific tests you require or recommend a custom test program to get the answers you need

Instrumental measurements of color and color difference are critical to color identification and color matching. Measurements can be used to compare materials exposed to surface/aging treatments, assess color stability, or compare products from different sources or processes. We have petrographers with substantial training and experience in color theory and measurement.

Our Color Testing Capabilities Include:

  • Measure absolute color values for most colorimetric systems, including: Hunter Lab, L*a*b*, XYZ, L*C*ho and whiteness index.
  •  Quantify differences in color between samples.
  • Design and perform detailed color stability test programs under your specific light, temperature and humidity conditions.
  • Test materials such as paint, concrete, plastic, pigment and tile. We can test virtually any fine powder or flat surface.
  • Visit your site with our portable capabilities. We can collect measurements onsite, eliminating the need for destructive sampling.

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Color Perception

Visual estimations of color can be made using the ISCC–NBS System of Color Designation and/or the Munsell color system, although color perception varies between observers and lighting conditions.

Typical Applications

  • Pool plaster
  • Fly ash ponds

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