CTLGroup’s expertise on the laboratory evaluation of concrete materials is unparalleled. Our experts’ extensive experience in performing evaluations and providing insights with regards to the interpretation of results is matched by our fully equipped laboratory to perform virtually any laboratory test on concrete. Whether your project requires standard or tailored-specific laboratory services, CTLGroup experts can help.

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CTLGroup's Laboratory Services

Our laboratory staff is accredited and capable of conducting some of the latest test methods including all tests related to self-consolidating concrete (SCC) and ultra-high-performance concrete (UHPC), in addition to the conventional commercial services. CTLGroup’s concrete laboratory testing capabilities run a gamut from the earliest age fresh property tests and continue through long term deformation and durability testing. Our equipment, facilities, and processes are accredited to conduct ASTM, AASHTO, CSA, USACE, and EN test procedures on a routine basis, and have the flexibility to perform many tests outside our standard services when called upon.

CTLGroup’s laboratory services can provide laboratory stock materials for projects in which one mixture component is being evaluated,  but can also accommodate large quantities of client-supplied materials when all aspects of a mixture are being assessed. Our controlled laboratory environments can simulate extreme temperature environments in addition to standard conditions for projects where the impact of climatic forces is important. Our high regulated drying labs and moist curing facilities give us and our clients a high level of confidence in the results of tests conducted in those spaces and reduce/eliminate any concerns that a variation in the curing environment may have played a role in impacting results.

Concrete Testing

Test # Name Description
ASTM C31 (AASHTO T 121)Standard Practice for Making and Curing Concrete Test Specimens in the FieldFresh Concrete
ASTM C192 (AASHT0 R 39)Standard Practice for Making and Curing Concrete Test Specimens in the LaboratoryFresh Concrete
ASTM C42 (AASHTO T 24)Standard Test Method for Obtaining and Testing Drilled Cores and Sawed Beams of ConcreteStrength
ASTM C469Standard Test Method for Static Modulus of Elasticity and Poisson’s Ratio of Concrete in CompressionStrength
ASTM C157 (AASHTO T 160)Standard Test Method for Length Change of Hardened Hydraulic-Cement Mortar and ConcreteVolume change
ASTM C1581 (AASHTO T 334)Standard Test Method for Determining Age at Cracking and Induced Tensile Stress Characteristics of Mortar and Concrete under Restrained Shrinkage (Ring test)Volume change
ASTM C512Standard Test Method for Creep of Concrete in CompressionStrength
ASTM C642Standard Test Method for Density, Absorption, and Voids in Hardened ConcreteTransport properties
ASTM C1202 (AASHTO T 277)Standard Test Method for Electrical Indication of Concrete’s Ability to Resist Chloride Ion PenetrationTransport properties
ASTM C1556Standard Method of Test for Resistance of Concrete to Chloride Ion PenetrationTransport properties
ASTM C1876Standard Test Method for Bulk Electrical Resistivity or Bulk Conductivity of ConcreteTransport properties
AASHTO - TP 119Standard Method of Test for Electrical Resistivity of a Concrete Cylinder Tested in a Uniaxial Resistance TestTransport properties
AASHTO T 358Standard Method of Test for Surface Resistivity Indication of Concrete’s Ability to Resist Chloride Ion PenetrationTransport properties
ASTM C666 (AASHTO T 161)Standard Test Method for Resistance of Concrete to Rapid Freezing and Thawing
ASTM C672Standard Test Method for Scaling Resistance of Concrete Surfaces Exposed to Deicing ChemicalsResistance to exposure
AASHTO T 336Standard Test of Test for Coefficient of Thermal Expansion of Hydraulic Cement ConcreteThermal Properties
AASHTO TP 137Box Test in Slip Form Paving of Fresh Portland Cement ConcreteFresh Concrete
NT Build 492Chloride Migration Coefficient from
Non-Steady-State Migration Experiments
ASTM C1550Standard Test Method for Flexural Toughness of Fiber Reinforced Concrete (Using Centrally Loaded Round Panel)Fiber Reinforced Concrete
ASTM C1609Standard Test Method for Flexural Performance of Fiber-Reinforced Concrete (Using Beam With Third-Point Loading)Fiber Reinforced Concrete, UHPC
ASTM C779Standard Test Method for Abrasion Resistance of Horizontal Concrete SurfacesAbrasion Resistance
ASTM C944Standard Test Method for Abrasion Resistance of Concrete or Mortar Surfaces by the Rotating-Cutter MethodAbrasion Resistance
ASTM C418Standard Test Method for Abrasion Resistance of Concrete by SandblastingAbrasion Resistance
ASTM C1138Standard Test Method for Abrasion Resistance of Concrete (Underwater Method)Abrasion Resistance
ASTM C1549Standard Test Method for Determination of Solar Reflectance Near Ambient Temperature Using a Portable Solar ReflectometerSolar Reflectance
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