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Concrete structures are commonly subjected to harsh environmental conditions. Exposure to a wide range of aggressive ionic species (chlorides, sulfates, etc.), environmental conditions (freeze-thawing, abrasion, hydrostatic pressure, etc.), or undesired material performance (ASR, delayed ettringite formation, scaling) can lead to premature deterioration of concrete performance that results in a reduction of service life. CTLGroup’s concrete and cement-based materials experts have successfully assisted owners, contractors, and engineers with prevention of concrete deterioration and service-life extension of concrete infrastructure.

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Our Approach

Our approach is based on a fundamental understanding of the physical, chemical, and electrochemical mechanisms that can affect the performance of aggregates, cementitious paste, reinforcing steel, and other material constituents of a concrete structure. With over 100 years of history, CTLGroup has a successful track record for designing, implementing, and administering concrete durability and corrosion protection plans for a variety of concrete structures.

We can help you develop cost-efficient, practical, and functional approaches for the estimation of design service life of new infrastructure, and the evaluation of remaining service life of in-service structures.

CTLGroup is equipped with certified technicians and laboratory facilities for conducting a wide range of standardized tests for evaluating concrete durability and service life. For a list of available concrete testsĀ click here.


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