Out Of Sight, But Not Out Of Mind

Managing pipelines and tunnels creates unique challenges due to the fact that they are often buried and cannot be readily accessed either internally or externally. Pipeline and tunnel failures often result in costly repairs and claims against owners. Therefore, it is prudent to develop and implement strategies to assess condition and manage the risk associated with operation. However, it is equally important to understand the limitations associated with the strategies employed so that a realistic assessment of the risk can be discerned. Obtaining the information needed to make such assessments can be a complicated and costly process, particularly if mismanaged. Additionally, misinformation can lead to expectation shortfalls and a false sense of security.

At a time when funds for maintenance and replacement of civil structures are limited, Owners need proven and effective assessment tools that will result in reliable data necessary for making technically-sound economic and risk management decisions for their pipelines and tunnels.  CTLGroup has been helping clients manage their pipelines and tunnels for nearly 30 years, providing reliable and timely solutions.

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