Wrigley Field Condition Assessment


CTLGroup was asked to review the results of a structural condition survey at Wrigley Field that was completed in 2001. The survey focused on the need for repairs to the ramps and the structural steel framing.

The CTLGroup team first reviewed project documents, including reports, drawings, and photographs relating to the repairs. Next, the team visually inspected all surfaces of the concrete ramps and the adjacent exposed steel framing that support them. Investigators hammer-sounded selected concrete areas, exposed and inspected encased steel framing and reinforcement in areas that previously had been repaired, and removed concrete core samples from both repaired and unrepaired areas.

The CTLGroup team found no items of immediate  structural safety concern in the ramps and steel framing. The repairs appeared to be of good workmanship and quality materials. Additional repairs that, at that time, still had to be made were found to pose no immediate concern.

The firm’s quick investigation and repair assessment quelled the City’s concerns about the ramps’ condition, and helped prevent an unwarranted interruption in the use of the stadium.


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