Greg Neiweem

Technician Specialist

Mount Prospect, IL

  • Technician


Starting with the Portland Cement Association in 1980, Mr. Neiweem began his extensive career with CTLGroup. Throughout his career, Mr. Neiweem became an experienced fabricator of large-scale, highly unusual load test frames for both steel and concrete, including glass fiber reinforced (GFR) concrete. Mr. Neiweem also kept maintenance of servo-hydraulic and other specialized test equipment at CTLGroup. After 28 years in the structural lab, Mr. Neiweem transitioned to the material lab where he conducts strength testing, durability testing, concrete tests adhering to ACI standards, along with other ASTM specimen tests. Greg’s wealth of experience and specialized knowledge position him as a vital asset to CTLGroup, reflecting the company’s dedication to excellence and innovation in materials testing and analysis.


Construction Technology Courses
Triton Community College, 1976

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