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Specialty Structural & Mechanical Testing

Large scale or complex physical testing of structural or mechanical systems can be impossible for most laboratories to perform due to the size of items, tonnage or testing requirements.  The CTLGroup Structural & Transportation Laboratory leverages nearly 8,000 square feet of strong floor capable of full-size static, dynamic and fatigue testing of full- or large-scale components and systems.  Utilizing the in-house expertise of our team of engineers, we can design and implement the necessary fixtures to successfully perform virtually any unique or one-off test.

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How Our Experts Can Help

By thinking outside of the box, our experts can develop inventive and resourceful methodologies to proper determine behavioral responses to any number of loading conditions through novel experimental test programs.  Our experts will work closely with clients to develop a clear and detailed test plan, whether testing requirements are unique, needs to follow specific guidelines, or a combination there of.

Using the physical testing and evaluation experience within the laboratory, our experts can determine the behavioral response of any large scale or complex test employing traditional and custom loading and instrumentation systems.  These results, in conjunction with in-house developed testing programs, can be used for performance validation, to determine deficiencies in as-built conditions and diagnose unpredicted behavioral responses in a controlled, laboratory setting.  Let our experts assist you with your large scale or complex testing project.

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