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Analysis of Extreme Loads: Wind, Earthquake, Blast

Extreme loading events, such as fires and explosions, projectile impact, earthquakes, and extreme weather, present unique engineering challenges, and can load structures beyond their design capacity, putting people and property at risk. CTLGroup engineers have a proven track record of analyzing structural response to extreme loads to help our clients with failure avoidance, or as part of a failure investigation in the aftermath of extreme events.

The analysis and design of structures subjected to extreme loads requires a detailed understanding of both the loading phenomena and the response of various structural materials and systems. CTLGroup engineers have experience conducting extreme load analysis with tools ranging from simplified Single Degree of Freedom (SDOF) dynamic models to advanced finite element modeling software for complex dynamic nonlinear analysis. Our in-house materials and structural testing facilities augment our analytical capabilities, making CTLGroup uniquely qualified to evaluate complex behavior of structures under extreme loads.

Our multi-hazard analysis capabilities include:

  • Blast Analysis, Design, and Retrofit
  • Fire Analysis and Passive Fire Protection Optimization
  • Impact Analysis
  • Earthquake Engineering Analysis and Seismic Retrofit
  • Wind Engineering Analysis
  • Extreme Load Damage Investigation and Failure Analysis

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