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Flooring & Floor Systems

Concrete floors, both with and without finish flooring, are subject to a range of problems that can compromise their safety, usefulness, and appearance. A problem visible on the surface may be due to something beneath the floor or many feet away. A permanent solution requires an accurate determination of the root cause of the problem.

Whether your problem floor is located in a warehouse, freezer, medical facility, school, or other commercial building, CTLGroup can help. If consulted early in a project, we can help prevent floor troubles by guiding floor design and construction efforts. Faced with an existing floor problem, our team of materials scientists and engineers work together to determine its source and recommend practical, permanent solutions. Whether your floor problems involve concrete cracking, excessive moisture, resilient floor coverings, ceramic tile, carpet, resinous coatings, or epoxy terrazzo, CTLGroup has the technical knowledge and experience to solve the problem.

CTLGroup offers the following services:

  • Design:  At the design stage, CTLGroup can help develop specifications to meet an owner’s needs.
  • Construction Services:  CTLGroup experts can conduct preconstruction meetings, observe slab placement and verify conformance with project documents.
  • Forensic Services and Litigation Support:  When floor problems arise, they often involve multiple parties — tenants, owners, architects, and contractors – and require expert assistance to resolve. Our multidisciplinary consulting teams bring extensive experience to determine the root cause of the problems and litigation support.
  • Remediation Services:  CTLGroup has the skills to develop lasting and cost-effective solutions.

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