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CTLGroup combines its highly trained architectural, structural engineering, and materials consulting staff, state-of-the-art laboratory testing capabilities, and intellectual property expertise to provide clients with exceptional patent litigation support in matters related to building products and construction.

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Invalidity and Infringement Analyses

These support activities may relate to the following:

Invalidity Analysis

An assessment of prior art to determine if a patent claim may be rendered invalid either by anticipation or obviousness. A patent claim is anticipated if each and every claim feature is found in a single prior art reference. A patent claim is obvious if the differences between the claimed subject matter and the prior art are such that it would have been achieved by one of ordinary skill in the art, either alone or by combining two or more pieces of prior art.

Infringement Analysis

An assessment of products or methods to determine if they infringe a subject patent. A patent is infringed if each and every claim element is embodied or practiced within another product or method.

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