Pattullo Bridge Replacement


Due to growing traffic demands, the British Columbia Ministry of Transportation & Infrastructure elected to replace the aging Pattullo Bridge, originally opened in the 1930’s, with a modern structure. The government of British Columbia contracted Fraser Crossing Partners–a joint partnership between Acciona Infrastructure Canada and Aecon Group to design and construct the replacement bridge in 2020 at a cost of over $1.4 billion.

As a supplier of cement materials for the major structural components of this new structure, Heidelberg Materials desired to confirm the creep performance of two different concrete mix designs in accordance with ASTM C512 procedures. Specifically, CTLGroup was sent two sets of concrete cylinders; one was batched with Type I/II cement and the second with Type IL cement.

The client wanted to explore the impact of the change from Type I/II cement to Type IL on creep performance. CTLGroup was selected based on our unique creep testing laboratory resources as a previous laboratory was unable to satisfactorily complete the initial test program.

Laboratory testing also included compressive strength (ASTM C39) and modulus of elasticity (ASTM C469) testing. Reports summarizing creep and shrinkage data were provided to the client on a quarterly basis. The new bridge is scheduled to open in 2024.

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