Jason Brown

Construction Consulting

  • Claims Management
  • Construction Project Assurance
  • Construction Risk Management
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Standard of Care Consulting


Mr. Brown’s professional practice focuses on industry standard of care; project delivery methods; contractual rights and responsibilities; project controls; earned value management and analysis; organizational and vendor performance; dispute resolution.; and damage calculations in the construction industry. He advises clients engaged in major capital programs regarding the appropriate allocation of risk, aligning contracting and pricing strategies with a project’s risk profile, and the implementation and enforcement of project controls in support of managing those risks. Mr. Brown works across many sectors and has extensive experience in residential, energy, federal, and hospitality industries.

Mr. Brown has successfully studied the root causes of failed construction programs. He has advised owners and contractors involved in the execution of multi-billion dollar projects on how to ensure project success, how to avoid project failure, and how to allocate responsibility when a project fails to achieve its expected goals. He has authored papers on project governance, actions required to successful accelerate multi-year construction projects, and how to identify when a project is at risk of failure.

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