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Non-Destructive Evaluation

Nondestructive Evaluation (NDE) and Nondestructive Testing (NDT) are economical and non-invasive methods used to evaluate the extent of damage or defects in engineered structures.  These techniques provide detailed information about conditions not observable using visual inspection alone. Nondestructive evaluation and testing is particularly beneficial for the assessment of large civil structures such as dams, bridges, and large foundations. The most complete investigation of structural problems is achieved through a careful mix of visual inspection, NDE/NDT, and minimally intrusive material sampling. Properly managed, this approach is often more cost effective than a more traditional investigation. Some of the most common applications include:

 Floor Slabs & Pavements

  • Locating dowel bars, subsurface voids and internal delamination
  • Identifying defects such as cold joints, voids, low thickness and poor subgrade

Concrete Structures

  • Locating embedded steel and assessing corrosion
  • Identifying concrete defects and locating reinforcement

Masonry Structures

  • Evaluating presence of reinforcing bars and grout in CMU walls

CTLGroup has been at the forefront of designing and refining the application of sophisticated NDE/NDT methods. We have the versatility, depth of knowledge, and breadth of experience to effectively execute your structural evaluation program incorporating NDE/NDT.

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