Sustainable Construction Materials

Today, manufacturers and energy providers are faced with challenges on how to properly manage byproducts produced during the manufacturing process. Ash produced from coal-fired power plants are one of the largest byproducts produced in the United States and can pose significant environmental challenges. Fortunately, fly and bottom ash can be recycled and repurposed in cement and concrete. New technologies and methods are making it possible to turn what is perceived as waste into a valuable resource that reduces embodied carbon in other carbon-intensive industries.

As we tackle the environmental challenges of the coming decades, recycled byproducts will play an important role in sustainability and the circular economy. CTLGroup’s consulting and testing expertise in sustainable materials arena consistently brings value to each project, providing innovative, practical, and cost-effective solutions for our clients.

Our institutional experience with construction materials spans well over 100 years, and our team has been testing coal ash for use in cement and concrete for over 50 years. Few firms can match the powerful combination of our award-winning consulting teams and our renowned, world-class testing laboratories.

Our Primary Areas of Practice Include:

  • Embodied carbon reduction strategies for energy utilities, manufacturers, and landfill owners / managers.
  • Research and development of new products using sustainable construction materials.
  • Scientific solutions for the reuse of industrial by-products.
  • Beneficial use of coal combustion residuals as a sustainable building material.
  • Waste management strategies, including evaluation of thermal profiles and outgassing potentials of by-products destined for disposal at landfill sites.
  • Cutting-edge concrete mix design development, optimization, and qualification with a focus on sustainability. Mass concrete, self-consolidating concrete, high-performance concrete and other innovative mixes can be optimized for performance and carbon reduction.

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CTLGroup’s state-of-the-art testing and research laboratories are internationally recognized. With over a century of laboratory experience, CTLGroup’s world-class personnel and laboratories provide a full range of materials testing services for sustainable construction.

  • Materials Laboratory – Our materials lab is equipped to answer questions ranging from the most basic to complex – from hazardous nature characterization for disposal to identification of mineral compounds for reuse purposes.
  • Microscopy / Petrography Laboratory – We have one of the largest and most respected microscopy and petrography departments in the world providing extensive experience related to critical and complicated petrographic needs.
  • Specialized Testing – CTLGroup’s experience in laboratory testing extends far beyond standard testing. Our experts can design, build, and perform specialized tests that will provide you with the crucial information that you need.

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