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MORE Sticks and Bricks: A Lawyer’s Guide to Advanced Construction Systems and Techniques

July 16, 2018

More Sticks and Bricks is a comprehensive guide to construction technology. The aim of this publication is to provide attorneys who deal with construction litigation and contracts the basics of constructing a building. The chapters go into detailed explanations of construction terminology, building materials and systems, as well as construction means and methods.

Vice President, Rich Kaczkowski, P.E., S.E. is the author of Chapter One: Commonly Used Building Materials, where it describes structural materials such as steel, concrete, masonry, and wood as well as nonstructural materials such as insulation, roofing, wall cladding. The chapter is ended with an informative glossary of terms useful to those needing to define building materials.

Principal Engineer, John Roller, P.E., S.E. is the author of Chapter Two: Basic Engineering Concepts Important to Building Structures, where it explains building classifications, building codes, building materials, structural members and components, building loads and load combinations, self-straining loads, strength and serviceability, design methodologies, performance expectations and shortfalls. This chapter also contains a glossary explaining the terms he used throughout the chapter.

As a leading industry professionals, Mr. Kaczkowski and Mr. Roller have approximately 70 years of combined engineering experience encompassing construction problem investigation, structural analysis and design, building envelope leakage assessment, testing, code compliance evaluation, repair design, project management, construction product development, and intellectual property consulting.

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