Valerian Skawinski

Technician & Lab Supervisor

Mount Prospect, IL

  • Structural & Transportation Laboratory


As Technician and Lab Supervisor at CTLGroup, Valerian Skawinski is responsible for providing technical support to the lab staff, assigning work and training technicians as necessary, and problem-solving daily lab issues. Mr. Skawinski is also responsible for assembling and running tests, assembling, modifying and storing test fixtures and equipment, operating machining equipment, tools, welders, and acetylene torch as required, and keeping material and tooling stocks in supply.

He has railway mechanical experience with Class 1 railroad and AAR Technical Center, as well as inspection, testing, and technical experience with several manufacturing and engineering companies. Additionally, Mr. Skawinski is a member of Chicagoland T-Trak, a model railroading group that encourages the hobby through operational layouts at community events. His extensive experience in railway mechanical systems and his dedication to the hobby of model railroading are testaments to his lifelong commitment to technical excellence and hands-on learning.

Mr. Skawinski is a 46-year industry veteran and is a past member of the Railway Carman’s Union and the Chicago Car Foremen’s Association.


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