Thomas Plange

Senior Technician

Mount Prospect, IL

  • Microscopy + Petrography


Thomas Plange is a Senior Petrographic Technician with 16 years of professional experience. He possesses extensive expertise in highly specialized sample preparation of concrete, mortar, stucco, aggregate, clinker, and other building materials. Mr. Plange is proficient in various preparation techniques, including polished sections and thin sections for polarized light, reflected light, and scanning electron microscopy. He is skilled in impregnating fluorescent dye for porosity evaluations and conducting photo-documentation of samples at different evaluation stages.

He routinely performs sample preparation in accordance with several recognized test methods, such as ASTM C295, ASTM C457, ASTM C856, ASTM C1324, and ASTM C1723. Moreover, Mr. Plange has received training in operating the scanning electron microscope (SEM).

He holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Art from the College of Art, Knust University, obtained in 2002. Additionally, he has an associate degree in art with a specialization in Interior Design from the Polytechnic Institute of Ghana, earned in 1983.


Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Art (2nd Upper), College of Art, KNUST University, 2002

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