Pavan Vaddey, Ph.D., P.E.

Senior Engineer

Mount Prospect, IL

  • Concrete + Cement-Based Materials


Dr. Vaddey has over six years of experience in characterization and assessment of portland cement concrete systems, experimental data visualization and interpretation, statistical analyses and modelling. Prior to joining CTLGroup, Dr. Vaddey worked as a research assistant at Oregon State University on a wide range of research projects funded by Oregon DOT, ACI, and industry clients. His work mainly involved performing cementitious material characterization, chloride analyses of concrete systems, corrosion monitoring using electrochemical techniques, evaluating concrete resistance towards various degradation mechanisms, and evaluating the service life of concrete for new and existing structures. His expertise lies in designing concrete mixtures for various field applications, concrete troubleshooting, and providing solutions for enhancing concrete durability.


Ph.D. in Civil Engineering Oregon State University, USA, 2020

Dual degree (B.Tech and M.Tech.) in Civil Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology Madras, India, 2013


  • American Concrete Institute
  • American Society of Testing and Materials

Featured Publications

Vaddey, P., Shakouri. M., & Trejo, D. (2020). Predicting Chloride Testing Outcome of Different Cementitious Systems. American Concrete Institute, 117(1), 139-152.

Shakouri. M., Vaddey, P., & Trejo, D. (2019). Effect of Admixed and External Chlorides on Transport of Chlorides in Concrete. American Concrete Institute, 116(5), 119-128.

Trejo, D., Vaddey, P., & Shakouri. M. (2019). Factors Influencing Chloride Test Results of Cementitious Systems. American Concrete Institute, 116(5), 119-128.

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