Paul Kreski

Systems Administrator

Mount Prospect, IL

  • Administrative


Paul Kreski is an experienced Systems Administrator with a strong background in IT support and technical expertise. With 24 years of professional experience, Mr. Kreski plays a crucial role in providing comprehensive IT support to the CTLGroup’s staff and multiple offices. His responsibilities include the procurement and configuration of computers and servers, hardware and software support, software licensing, networking support, corporate backup and recovery, as well as the maintenance of the DAQ system and database. He is A+ certified in both hardware and software.

In addition to his IT skills, Mr. Kreski possesses a wealth of experience as an AutoCAD draftsman and engineering technician. Prior to his career at CTLGroup, he served as a lab supervisor where he conducted various ASTM/ACI test methods on a wide range of construction materials, including concrete, mortar, soils, rock, aggregates, and asphalt. This experience has equipped him with a comprehensive understanding of construction materials and testing procedures.

Mr. Kreski’s ability to handle diverse IT responsibilities, coupled with his expertise in engineering and materials testing, allows him to contribute effectively to the organization’s success.

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