Brian Szczerowski

Technical Specialist and Supervisor

Mount Prospect, IL

  • Materials Laboratory


Mr. Szczerowski is highly experienced in performing field and laboratory testing in accordance with ASTM and AASHTO specifications. He specializes in concrete and aggregate testing, fresh and hardened properties testing, and strain gauge sensor installation. Brian oversees a team of technicians CTLGroup’s mortar, concrete, cement-based materials, and physical testing laboratories. As a tenured member of CTLGroup’s analysis team, he is an expert in executing and documenting test results for a wide variety of concrete, aggregates, admixtures, and related constituents.

His duties include the performance of specialized test procedures for high-strength concrete compression tests and all aspects of mortar testing and evaluation. Brian also supports CTLGroup’s freeze-thaw labs where he prepares the concrete samples for freeze-thaw cycling and performs the full range of sample measurement and documentation throughout the procedure duration.

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