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Cable, Strand, and Wire Rope Testing

As primary members of cable stayed bridges, stay cables are arguably the most important and crucial elements of the entire structure, and hence, their well-being is of paramount importance in ensuring a healthy and long life for these beautiful and elegant structures. Many designers and governmental authorities today choose stay cable systems for medium to long-span bridges due to their structural efficiency, durability and aesthetic appearance.


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Our Bridge Component Testing Capabilities

In 1991, CTLGroup established a center for full-scale static and fatigue evaluation of bridge cables, and has since conducted over 300 full-scale tests on stay cables, hanger cables, wire rope cables, and PT anchorage systems, including fatigue, tensile and watertightness tests for stay cable, hanger cable, and wire rope cable systems, and anchorage efficiency and load transfer tests for post-tensioning systems in accordance with Post-Tensioning Institute (PTI), fib, CIP, AASHTO, and ETAG Recommendations and Specifications.

CTLGroup currently operates the world’s highest capacity and most extensive independent stay cable testing facility. Our experts have tested almost all available stay cable systems from various manufacturers for qualification and development programs. This has given CTLGroup an extensive and in-depth view into the advantages and disadvantages of each system in comparison with the others. CTLGroup’s work in the specialized field of full-scale stay cable acceptance testing has contributed to the evaluation of better cable design and fabrication practices.

Beside the full-scale cable and PT system testing, CTLGroup can also perform the tests for cable and PT components, such as steel strands and anchor heads in accordance with ASTM Standards, PTI, AASHTO, and ETAG.

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