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The needs of our Buildings clients vary considerably. However, CTLGroup expertise consistently brings value to each project, providing innovative and cost-effective solutions.

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Energy & Resources

CTLGroup is helping to turn today’s promises into tomorrow’s reality by generating smart solutions as we serve the Energy & Resources industry.

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Gas, Oil & Petrochemical

CTLGroup’s expertise and resources help clients successfully manage their Gas, Oil & Petrochemical infrastructure assets.

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CTLGroup provides a breadth of technical services to help our clients with loss avoidance and recovery.

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CTLGroup regularly provides consulting services, including forensic investigations, expert reports, and deposition / courtroom testimony to attorneys representing both defendants and plaintiffs in high value litigation cases.

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CTLGroup’s team of engineers, chemists, geologists and scientists assist clients with manufacturing challenges ranging from equipment failures to product defects.

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From standard testing to specialized requests, our diverse group of experts assist clients such as manufacturers, architects, engineering firms, and contractors.

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The rails sector of CTLGroup provides services that include qualification testing, manufacturing troubleshooting, research and development, accident investigation, and forensic analysis of rail car and track components.

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CTLGroup’s Engineers help clients with complex structural and materials issues related to airports, bridges, highways, railroads, seaports, and tunnels.

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Water Resources

Water truly is our most precious resource. Water is not only necessary to sustain life, but is also an essential element of the various processes used to create virtually everything made by man.

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