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    Whether you’re investing in a new structural engineering project or investigating a catastrophic structural engineering issue, working with a qualified professional consulting agency is the key. CTLGroup’s dedicated experts deliver practical engineering solutions in a timely and responsive fashion.

    Our structural engineering and laboratory teams in Skokie, Illinois, are laser-focused on effective investigation, enabling you to understand and solve complicated engineering problems with a wide variety of expertise. Additionally, the structural engineering team at CTLGroup are the trusted experts you need when dealing with attorneys who may not understand the engineering behind their cases.

    Structural Engineering Consulting & Laboratory Services in Skokie, IL 

    CTLGroup delivers swift solutions to clients all over the world. Our northeastern Illinois location in Skokie is home to our corporate headquarters. We specialize in forensic engineering, specifically in the areas of structural engineering, concrete materials, construction and remediation of existing or new structures. 

    Our expert team performs detailed assessments and investigations of property loss and injuries related to failure in materials, components, design and structures. Our consulting services include:

    • Forensic Investigation 
    • Understanding materials and what causes the failure on the materials’ side
    • Chemical laboratory and materials testing
    • Chemical testing part of QA and QC for raw materials in construction
    • Involvement with the R&D projects
    • Construction and Remediation of existing structures
    • Structural Assessment and Repair
    • Infrastructure Asset Management

    As an industry-leading structural engineering firm providing architectural and laboratory services for our clients, we work in a variety of markets, including roads and pavements, bridge construction, building interiors and envelopes, transportation, and more. Our certified Skokie, IL team is fully equipped to accurately predict and calculate the stability, strength, rigidity, and susceptibility of built structures.

    Contact CTLGroup for Structural Engineering Consulting & Materials Lab Services in Skokie, IL

    Whether you need investigative forensic or structural engineering consulting services, materials lab testing, or concrete qualification, you can trust CTLGroup to provide solutions. Our specialties lay with concrete and cement materials, ensuring these mixtures meet current code requirements, including specifications and ASTM qualification. Our world-renowned research and award-winning experts are all the proof you need.

    Let us assist with your structural engineering, building science, and cement evaluation needs by contacting us online or via telephone at 847-965-7500

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