Smart Structures

Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) involves the application of sensing and data management technologies to obtain measurements of structural behavior over the course of time. Observed changes in measured structural response can be used to infer changes in the “health” of the structure, helping stakeholders with operation and maintenance decisions. Interest in SHM has grown in recent years, because it is viewed as a way to create so-called smart structures, but care must be taken with implementation to avoid the risk of “garbage in, garbage out.”

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CTLGroup’s engineers have expertise in structural mechanics coupled with knowledge of emergent technologies, both of which are necessary for a successful SHM program. CTLGroup is not a product manufacturer; we don’t have skin in the game when it comes to the sensors and instrumentation selected for a SHM program. Rather, we develop customized approaches, leveraging our dual expertise, to provide our client with SHM solutions that will help them make well-informed life-cycle management decisions.

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