Drone-Aided Evaluation

Access to areas of interest, such as roofs, high walls, chimneys, and towers, may present a major challenge to structural evaluation and forensic engineering. To obtain video, still imagery, and other data efficiently and safely in complex environments – and without the time and expense associated with extensive scaffolding and lift equipment – CTLGroup has established a fleet of small unmanned aircraft systems (sUAS), commonly known as “drones”. sUAS imagery is a new tool in the engineering toolbox, complementing hands-on inspection of accessible areas by providing additional camera angles, areas that are inaccessible or unsafe, and the all-important “big picture”.

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CTLGroup provides sUAS aerial data acquisition as part of the complete engineering investigation package. Applications include stills, video, and even dimensionally-accurate 3D photogrammetric models, of

  • As-built or current structure condition (e.g., for asset management or due diligence)
  • Surveys of rooftop or high-bay mechanical systems
  • Accident or collapse scenes, including 3D modeling of debris for accident reconstruction
  • Insurance investigations from single claims to catastrophe response
  • Building envelope issues

CTLGroup’s sUAS fleet includes aircraft suitable for both outdoor and indoor flight. The latter aircraft are particular useful for efficient documentation of large industrial buildings such as warehouses or high-bays.


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