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Thanks to advances in sensing, data collection, GPS / GIS, information technology, and related fields, engineers, facility owners, attorneys, and other project stakeholders enjoy access to more raw data than ever before. CTLGroup engineers provide solutions for management, aggregation, analysis, and visualization of large, complex, heterogeneous, and otherwise unwieldy data sets to distill answers and actionable information.

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CTLGroup's Solutions

Some examples of CTLGroup experts’ added value distilled from “big data” sources, include:

  • Performance monitoring of in-service infrastructure: deployment and operation of databases containing hundreds of millions of rows of sensor readings from long-term structural monitoring projects, and connecting those databases to Web-based visualization tools
  • Forensic engineering: development of information architecture to parse 35,000 pages of scanned documents, identify key documents, and extract numerical information for analysis as part of litigation over alleged construction vibration impacts
  • Structural evaluation and forensic engineering: development of a geo-coded database and visualization scheme to illustrate the location and condition of concrete cores taken from an 1,100 acre airport facility.
  • Industrial process monitoring: writing data aggregation software to capture and organize laboratory test results from industrial research and connect knowledge gained from lab tests to corresponding measurements from in-service process machinery
  • Structural evaluation and forensic engineering: rapid deployment of an ad-hoc data acquisition and sharing strategy to capture and evaluate down-hole imagery from hundreds of concrete cores as part of construction defect evaluation

CTLGroup’s data science solutions are customizable, scalable, and extensible to support a variety of applications and engineering questions, from statistical analysis of bulk data to searches for specific event records. We also have customizable reporting and visualization software tools to display data in a format readily useful for decision support, including via a password-protected Web site, as email summaries, or as written reports.

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