Historic Preservation

Whether truly historic or simply old, each legacy building presents unique challenges and opportunities for repair, preservation, and adaptive re-use.  Understanding the design standards from when it was built, and changes that have occurred during its long service life are essential to charting a sustainable path forward.

Preserving and protecting historical places and landmarks requires a delicate balance between original spirit and perspective, a well-defined level of intervention, and practical, durable and cost-effective solutions. CTLGroup’s architects, engineers, and scientists apply a variety of complex structural and materials analysis techniques to address the many issues or problems associated with the current realities of historical, vintage or heritage structures.

Our firm has worked on marquis monuments and historical buildings across the globe. Government agencies to private owners rely on CTLGroup’s expertise to help evaluate, preserve and rehabilitate their historic properties. Our multidisciplinary approach to restoration ensures consistency between the history of the structure, the owner’s needs and the enjoyment of the end user.


• Condition assessment
• Historical, technical + materials research + documentation
• Structural evaluation + analysis
• Service life assessment + evaluation
• Assistance with budgetary cost estimates + planning
• Nondestructive testing + evaluation to assess structures
• Deterioration mitigation
• Chemical testing
• Color analysis + matching
• Material qualification tests + petrographic evaluation of historic materials

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Practical and Sustainable Solutions

Conservation and re-use is an inherently sustainable practice; embodied energy in existing buildings limits the environmental impact of procuring new materials, and thoughtful application of contemporary building science principles can substantially improve performance and greatly reduce operational energy demands. Avoiding undesirable side effects is also critical; modern interventions can go awry without a thorough understanding of existing building envelope performance.  CTLGroup’s deep understanding of historic and modern construction materials, our state-of-the-art in-house laboratory and analytical capabilities, and history of in-situ assessment and monitoring form the basis for the development of practical solutions to complex engineering challenges that preserve the architecture of the historic cityscape.

Vintage construction methods and materials require an elevated level of understanding and experience as in many cases they are no longer used, were designed before the advent of applied engineering methods, or are remnants of an evolving technology. Even when structurally sound, potentially harmful or unsafe conditions can occur if structural systems and materials are not appropriately recognized and understood; hence, the use of proper materials, restoration methods and level of intervention are vital to the continued use of the given structure.

CTLGroup has worked with many different types of organizations involved in historic restoration and other activities:

• Landmark Preservation Societies
• General Contractors
• Federal, State, + Local Government Agencies
• Architectural + Engineering Firms

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