Water Park Roof Evaluation & Repair

CTLGroup was contracted to perform an investigation of the standing seam metal roof system and siding at an indoor waterpark campus. The purpose of our investigation was to determine the cause deterioration at the metal roof system and water infiltration at facade cladding locations and to provide replacement recommendations, repair designs, construction documents, specifications, and construction administration for a new roof design and siding repairs.

CTLGroup’s investigation included a number of smoke tests and the creation of inspection openings. Smoke tests revealed poor air and vapor barrier performance. The inspection openings in the roof indicated chloride accumulation from moisture ladened chloramine gas leaking through voids in the vapor barrier from the interior of the water park which was the main cause of deterioration of the metal roof. The existing R-value of the roof insulation did not meet current code requirements, contributing to increased thermal movement. Based on our findings, CTLGroup created construction documents and specifications to minimize air leakage, improve ventilation of the chloramine gas, and deliver an improved code compliant thermal barrier.


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This large, 70,000 square foot water park in Wisconsin took almost 1,000 man hours to complete.


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