Retail Outlet Parking Garage

CTLGroup was retained by a property owner for a major retail outlet to evaluate and develop repair designs for four 10-year old parking structures. Three of the structures are multi-level precast construction, and the fourth is a two-level structure with the lowest level forming a roof over retail space. The structures exhibited concrete and structural steel deterioration, concrete distress, and leakage significantly greater than would be expected given the age of the garages. Investigative work revealed that improper design and detailing was a significant contributor to the distress and premature deterioration. The scope included existing condition documentation, repair quantities and associated budgetary repair costs, identification of repairs requiring immediate repairs for life-safety. CTLGroup developed repair designs for each structure to enhance structural integrity and durability. Several hidden design and detailing deficiencies were encountered as repair construction proceeded. Our team also executed on-site field observations throughout the repair project, and was able to provide new/revised details to keep the project on schedule. CTLGroup also performed a facade evaluation and repair design of the brick & stone around the parking structures.


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CTLGroup assisted in the evaluation and development of repair designs for three multi-level precast construction parking structures and a two-level structure with the lowest level forming a roof over retail space.


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