Perry Nuclear Plant

CTLGroup was retained by FirstEnergy to perform petrographic analyses of three concrete cores extracted horizontally from walls at the Unit 2 Auxiliary Building at the Perry Nuclear Power Plant in Ohio. The petrographic analysis was performed to evaluate the overall condition of the concrete and the presence of alkali-aggregate reaction, and if present, its extent throughout the concrete.

Based on the results of the examination, the concrete was assessed to be in good quality and in good condition. There was no evidence of alkali-aggregate reaction (either alkali-silica reaction or alkalicarbonate reaction) observed, nor was there any indication of an alkalisilica gel or related cracks, aggregate reaction rims or other deleterious mechanisms in any of the three cores.


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Located 40 miles from Cleveland Ohio, the Perry Nuclear Generating Station rests on 1,100-acre land on the shores of Lake Erie.


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