Parking Structure Load Test

CTLGroup was retained by Westfield to conduct an extensive structural assessment, a large scale load test, and structural strengthening and retrofitting after a cracked corbel was discovered in the then newly built parking structure. The investigation was to determine if there were any other potential deficiencies and variability in the structure, which led to the strengthening of multiple components after the visual, nondestructive, and petrographic analyses.

The load testing is what makes this particular project very interesting, as the ultimate procedure to determine the structural integrity of the structure and satisfy safety requirements. The test load was applied using a system of nine-ft wide, four-ft high bladders that were filled with water, and amounted to approximately one million pounds of load. The structure was monitored using over 100 instruments and a central data acquisition system.

After testing, all crack gage responses were below threshold levels, as were the flexural responses, for both the vehicular deck and pedestrian bridge, which was retested to ensure that results would meet safety requirements.


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The part of this project that was the most interesting, was the test load was applied used a system of water-filled  bladders, amounting to approximately one million pounds of load.


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